Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I learned.

A few weeks ago someone asked if I could work a couple days this week. Unable to say no straight out, I said "one day, I'll work one day." That way I could say "yes" to lesson the blow of saying "no". An extra day of work for me, no big deal.
Mom agreed to watch my boys and an extra bit of money is always welcome. Well, what I learned is, it is not worth it.
Realized this a little late, however, but just in time for the next time someone asks.
I'm going to say no. Flat out.
"No." There, I practiced.
Here is what it takes to work during the week while Joe is working. Lots and lots of driving. Why? Because I haven't warmed up to the idea of having someone else (besides my parents, or Joe's parents, but they don't live close enough) watch my precious children all day long. Then a staff meeting was scheduled for Monday night. So this is was the plan.
Drive to my parents Monday afternoon=two and half hours.
Drive to work=one hour.
Drive back to parents=one hour.
Drive to work Tuesday morning= one hour.
Drive to parents after work=one hour.
Drive home Wednesday morning= two and a half hours.
Hmmm. How much driving is that. Nine hours and 580 miles. For a day of work (and a staff meeting). Nope, definitely not worth it.
So, hmm, if I stay in Evanston Monday night that would cut out 140 miles and two hours. Then I decided to ask my parents to me me in Evanston Tuesday night. That saved me time but then they had to make the drive. I'm just inconveniencing someone else (though my parents kindly agreed to meet me, I still feel bad about even asking.)
It turned out they couldn't meet when I got off, that was too late, so Joe was going to meet them earlier. This way we could be home before Wednesday afternoon. Sure, it saves me time and driving. But the miles and time is still affecting someone.
Fortunately, it worked out better than planned. I got off work early and met my parents so Joe didn't need to make the trip. And we all arrived home happily ever after, earlier than expected. Next time, I'm going to say no. And then my post will be three words. "I said no."
So, work called this afternoon and asked if I could work tonight and/or tomorrow night. I said no. About tonight.

And yes, about tomorrow night.

Before I beat myself up for not having learned a thing, I'm going to justify my actions. Joe will be home. No driving to and from and to and from and to and from. I'm going to drive to work. Spend twelve hours with adorable brand new babies. Then I'm going to drive home from work and spend the rest of the day wishing I had just said "no" so I could sleep at night, when it's dark. Like. Nature. Intended.

Why is it so hard to say no?

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  1. I wish I lived closer; I'd come babysit... oh but wait, I have to work too. :(

    Did you notice my front door post? Do you recognize it? :)