Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm ornery.

I have a vague memory of the word "ornery" and if Court reads this she can help me solidify more distinct details. However, as it is now, I can't quite place the surroundings or the other people involved, only remembering they were from a state other than Utah and were obviously unfamiliar with with our pronunciation of the word "ornery". Onery would be a better spelling for us Utans and that is exactly how we were saying it. They didn't understand our accent, though they were the ones with the east coast accent. With those foreigners we had a discussion regarding our definition of "onery". They learned we were in fact trying to say "ornery" and laughed themselves crazy every time we said our version of the disagreeable disposition. 
Regardless of the pronunciation, I am ornery. 
I am cantankerous, surly, testy, whichever word you'd like to use.
I don't feel well, and no that is not an excuse to have a disagreeable disposition. Pardon me. 

When the hubby asked "should you go see a doctor?" I asked him what he meant. "Like a psychiatrist?" 
He laughed.
My translation. "Yes." 
Though that may have been what he meant, he also provided the specialty of another doctor he was referring to. Safe move for him.
So I'll go. Hopefully I'll get some answers. But in the meantime, I'll be working on my orneriness. 


  1. I'm sorry! This time of year is terrible for moods. Let me know if I can help ya.

  2. never fun to be ornery even though i think it should be spelled onery....

    thanks for stopping by and saying hi!