Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick Boys

Wish I could blame someone for the colds my boys have. I always like to have a reason for things because then I have an explanation and know how to prevent it in the future. But with many things, illness is a fact of life and I'm sure this relatively minor cold won't be the last.
They want me to hold them.
Or atleast I think they do.
But maybe it is just me wanting to hold them because their red eyes and pouty lips when they cough make me feel so bad. I'm going to hold them as much as they want me to (or as much as I want to) because my closet can wait and leftovers for lunch and dinner will be just fine and because in ten years or maybe even less they won't want me to any longer. In fact, I'm holding one right now as I type,his head resting on my chest.
Wish it was more like a pillow for him instead of...well, we'll just have to manage.

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