Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vertigo. Please go.

Today has been just awful. Yes, things could be worse, I've thought about that already. But thinking/knowing things could be worse has not stopped my head from spinning.
Spinning out of control. 
It started early, say 5:30 am. If I stayed still, real still, the spinning ceased and all was well. However, explain to me this. How does a mom of a two year old and a four year old lay still for very long? 
This is where the dry heaves come in. Dry until they continued for long enough bile decided to present itself. All the while Myles is asking for cereal and Sullivan begged to "eat, eat."  I explained to Myles my head was spinning and my tummy hurt. He went off to find me a cough drop, because, at last, I've made something clear. Cough drops are used when you're sick, they are not candy. 
I let Myles pour the cereal, sat Sullivan in the high chair, and found my way to the couch where I stayed pretty much the whole morning. Around eleven, having not moved for some time, I felt better. Hmmmm, this can not be morning sickness. 
It's not, as one line indicated. And the spinning returned with movement. 
A ray of sunshine arrived around noon, I don't know what the boys would have done for lunch. I cried when he left and prayed all afternoon for 4:30 to arrive quickly. 
The boys fought, found desireables in the pantry, watched movies, and wrecked the family room. Twice off the couch, to change a diaper and provide service to another on the toilet, found me heaving again. 
4:20. Thank heavens a bit early, he walked in, carried me to the bed and took the boys outside. Oh, how I love him. 
I joined them for dinner. If I hold my head just right and don't move too fast I can avoid the spinning. I also must lie on my right side, for if I roll over to my back or left side the room starts spinning again. 
Tomorrow I'm going to feel better. 
I have things to do.


  1. Oh AnnMarie, that's awful! I'm so sorry you've got, as my Grandpa says, "the whirlies." I hope it's gone tomorrow. I'll say a little prayer for you. (Sing that last line, because I did. :) )

  2. Oh, AnnMarie! Sounds like good old benign positional vertigo or labrynthitis. I had exactly the same symptoms a few years ago. It was considerably better after about 3 days, but left me with chronic ringing in my ears ever since and a mild high-toned hearing loss. I am guessing a virus of some kind hit my inner ear. If push comes to shove, you may want to get a script for meclazine for the dizziness. Hope you feel better soon and thanks for the brown rice recipe!