Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's Clarify.

What was I thinking when I said this blog would be about me? Who am I without my Mr. Wilson, and my two boys? I take it back. I take back what I said about this blog being about me. I don't know what this blog is about. 

Today was a scheduled work day. So of course leading up to it Joe often vocalized his hopes of me getting called off, or put "on call" really. If the patient load is such they don't need as many nurses as scheduled, someone gets "put on call" to remain at home, but available, should the need arise for more staff. So today Joe got his wish. The lovely phone call came at 5 am and I crawled back into bed. 

Joe had plans today to drive several hours to meet his dad with some KSL classifieds purchase. (Don't ask me!) He had to take the boys and I had to stay, should I have to go in to work. So, hmmm, all day, alone. What was I going to do? I managed to stay busy cleaning toilets and such. But I miss them. I want them home.....RIGHT. NOW.

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